PureWrx: The #1 Platform for OEM Certified Pre-Owned IT Hardware

The OEM-CPO™ Hardware Solution for Legacy Networks 100% Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) hardware that is remanufactured, supported, warrantied and certified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). PureWrx OEM-CPO is the ONLY platform built from the ground up to connect customers with pre-owned equipment that has the same quality, security, and warranty as new. We are an […]

AT&T Certified Pre-Owned Business Case Study

Using the Gray Market to Manage Network Hardware Poses Challenges with Significant Costs and Risks This case study outlines AT&T’s challenges and costs and risks of using the gray market. It then covers the PureWrx CPO program features and results. View full PDF

PureWRX: Reinventing The Secondary Market for Networking

A Certified Pre-Owned program comprehensively reduces the sales of unauthorized (gray market) products—providing end users a trusted option for maintaining an established network. Meanwhile, OEMs enjoy a new and highly profitable revenue channel that has very strategic benefits. For the last 20 years, team at PureWRX have been building CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) programs for OEMs […]

Why Should You Buy Juniper Certified Pre-Owned?

Improve your network using Pre-Owned, less expensive hardware officially Certified by Juniper Networks. All Certified Pre-Owned hardware purchased through this program carry the exact same warranty* as the corresponding new product(s), and is eligible for Juniper Care support & services. If purchasing new hardware is simply not an option due to budget limitations, Juniper Certified […]