Unlock Value and Ensure Data Security for Used Products

Benefits of partnering with us

In the realm of legacy equipment management, the PureWrx process stands as a testament to precision and expertise. Comprising four meticulously crafted steps, it exemplifies a commitment to understanding and meeting your unique requirements.



We prioritize conversations about your legacy equipment requirements. Understanding the importance of preserving and enhancing existing systems, we work closely with you to offer tailored solutions.



We pinpoint inventory that precisely aligns with your unique needs. By assessing your requirements and understanding your project, we curate a selection of products that exceed your expectations.



In collaboration with our OEM partners, we expertly refurbish equipment to ‘like-new’ condition. This ensures top-notch quality, performance, and reliability, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution tailored to your operational requirements.



We ensure worry-free integration by rigorously vetting every product for network security. This dedication to quality and safety ensures our deliveries surpass expectations, bringing you peace of mind during integration.

Work with your Juniper Rep or Authorized Partner to get a sustainable sourcing offer from PureWrx