We are empowering, collaborative
and ambitious.

PureWrx embodies a supportive, collaborative environment, prioritizing growth and unity. The team’s enduring dedication, integrity, and scenic Austin location contribute to a dynamic work-play balance.

Giving Back to
Our Community

Part of the joy of working at PureWrx is contributing to groups and charities that make a real difference in the lives of our neighbors. We take our commitment to social values very seriously, but have fun doing it!

Our core values


We challenge the status quo, encourage responsible risk-taking and continuously re-evaluate market opportunities.


We share knowledge to enhance others’ expertise, problem solve through a cross-functional approach and communicate frequently and effectively.


We embrace opportunities to grow skill sets, promote big-picture thinking and support independence in driving efficiency.


We are nimble in addressing our customers’ evolving requirements, TransPurent in our customer engagement and always keep a “customer first” mindset.


We prioritize long term sustainability, hold ourselves accountable and lead by example.

David Schofman

What is your vision for the company?

At PureWrx, we’re always working on ways to better serve our customers. We search for individuals who bring a fresh set of ideas to the conversation and we empower that through ownership. Every team member is exposed to our strategy, successes and challenges. Transparency, courage, teamwork and willingness to stretch yourself are traits we reward.