Improve your network using Pre-Owned, less expensive hardware officially Certified by Juniper Networks. All Certified Pre-Owned hardware purchased through this program carry the exact same warranty* as the corresponding new product(s), and is eligible for Juniper Care support & services.

If purchasing new hardware is simply not an option due to budget limitations, Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware can be purchased for a fraction of what you would pay for new hardware. As an added bonus, all Juniper Pre-Owned JCPO hardware are eligible for the award-winning 24?7 mission critical support provided by Juniper Care, unless stated otherwise.

All Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware carry the exact same warranty as the corresponding new Juniper hardware. Used networking hardware purchased from other sources are NOT warranted by Juniper Networks. Trust only Juniper Certified Pre-Owned. For information on warranty terms & conditions for a specific product, visit

* End-of-production hardware (which is hardware that is no longer being manufactured, but still eligible for possible Juniper support), carries a 12 month hardware warranty where Juniper will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship the replacement hardware within twenty (20) business days after receipt of the product at a Juniper Networks Repair Center including Dead on Arrival (“DOA”) hardware. Customers who have purchased end-of-production hardware can choose to buy, if available, Juniper Care Core, Core Plus (Return To Factory (“RTF”) 10 day service) and upon pre-approval Next Business Day Delivery (ND) support services, but only at the time of their JCPO hardware purchase.

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