[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CEO David Schofman recently spoke to Built In Austin about the challenges of entrepreneurship:

PureWrx CEO and co-founder David Schofman never thought about becoming an entrepreneur until he just did it.

His first venture, an online platform selling golf clubs that he co-launched with his boss from his high school days, ended with an acquisition by CBS Sportsline in 1998. Not bad for a first timer, whose degree from the University of Texas was in public relations and who said his only skill at the time was golfing.

His second go, a marketplace for used golf equipment, also ended in an acquisition; this time by Callaway Golf Company, one of the largest golf equipment manufacturers in the world. Today he’s involved with a range of ventures including PureWrx, a platform for pre-owned, remanufactured hardware launched in 2012.

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