A price-competitive and trusted alternative in those cases when buying new equipment is not an option.

A price-competitive and trusted alternative when buying new is not an option.

Why should I buy Cisco Refresh?

Quality and performance

Cisco Refresh products are remanufactured to a standard that only Cisco can achieve. Each unit undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive ISO 9001/14001 certified remanufacturing and testing process. The end result is peace of mind knowing you are getting genuine Cisco performance, quality, support and value.

Constrained budget

With prices starting at 65% off original equipment prices, Cisco Refresh products provide a cost-effective solution as individual product needs, or can be combined with new Cisco products in a larger solution to reduce the overall cost and meet even the most challenging procurement requirements.

Product availability

We maintain a large inventory of older and end-of-sale models needed to maintain installed network configurations or to optimize IT resources between planned migrations or upgrades. Our inventory of current models provides a solution if new product availability cannot accommodate your delivery requirements.

Corporate “green” requirements

Remanufactured equipment provides a tangible green solution to help customers address corporate “green” initiatives. A remanufactured unit use less energy to “remanufacture”, helps to extend the useful life of Cisco products, and reduces the amount of electronic equipment ending up in landfills.

PureWrx and Cisco, Certification Beyond the Expected.

Cisco Remanufacturing Process

With Cisco Refresh, customers receive the same performance and peace of mind as when they buy new Cisco equipment. This peace of mind is earned through Cisco’s ISO 9001/14001 certified, comprehensive, and proprietary remanufacturing process and is backed by the same Cisco warranty.

Buy Right – Buy Authorized Cisco

Cisco’s Brand Protection team safeguards Cisco, our partners and our customers from the perils of unauthorized activities. The Brand Protection team helps its valued partners sell against what appears to be gray or counterfeit products so your company can succeed.

Support the Circular Economy

When you buy Cisco Refresh, you are directly supporting the circular economy. The repair, remanufacturing and reuse of Cisco equipment is an important part of this regenerative system, and results in a reduction of resource inputs, waste, emissions, and energy leakage.

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