Telecommunication service providers and managed cloud companies live in a fast-paced, highly competitive market. Demand for compute power, speed, storage, security and reliability is at an all time high while budgets continue to tighten.

For example, in the 2016 Trends in Storage report from 451 Research, author Henry Baltazar boldly predicts:

“Flat to declining budgets and relentless data growth are forcing customers to find new innovations and tools to handle their growing storage burdens.” – and this trend is not unique to the storage market, it spans the entire IT hardware industry.

This leaves IT managers in quite the conundrum – they must support (and sometimes expand) existing stacks until the transition to the next wave of technology is released, budgeted and implemented. So what new innovations or tools are out there to help? Consider certified pre-owned…sponsored by the manufacturer.

Programs like Juniper Certified Pre-Owned, offer service providers and managed cloud companies a new option to consider when trying to solve the aforementioned complexities.

All Juniper Certified Pre-Owned gear comes with the same warranty, support and service options as new equipment. This guarantee from the manufacturer allows IT managers and CIO’s to rest easy that equipment in their network is authentic and re-manufactured to the highest standard.

Without a certified solution, the options are sparse for telecommunication service providers and managed cloud companies to locate necessary equipment. They must often resort to the secondary or ‘gray’ market, which brings a lot of scary words into play like “compliance, counterfeit, entitlement and warranty” – as well as the basic fact that they no longer have the support of the manufacturer for that piece of equipment. That means no updates to software, firmware, bug fixes as well as basic authenticity. Furthermore, should something go wrong as the result of a purchase from the grey market, any downstream issues that may occur as the result may not be covered either.

To be fair, sometimes there is no other choice. Therefore the reality is that equipment sourced from the gray market is in the largest networks in the world today. As is a host of counterfeit equipment. That is simply a fact. But now at least we know there is another option.

David Schofman, CEO, PureWRX