David Schofman

Chief Executive Officer

David continues his 20+ year career following his passion for building and leading teams that create great value for both customers and shareholders.

Brian Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

Brian is primarily responsible for overseeing operations, finance, legal and technology.

Matt Hungate


Matt has nearly 20 years of experience in the IT hardware industry, with tenure at Lenovo, Nortel and IBM.

Stephen Balkum

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen manages and architects all of the technology desires of PureWrx, from the software platforms to the hardware lab.

Amber Dixon

Director, Global Supply Chain

Amber handles customer-focused supply chain solutions, demand planning, warehouse and third party management.

Jeremiah Allen

Director of Finance

Jeremiah manages all facets of accounting operations, including the monthly close cycles, financial reporting, and compliance.

Stephanie Waters

Director, Business Transformation

Stephanie is responsible for overseeing ops process transformation and overall company project management.