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It’s Not Easy Being Green.

But it’s worth it, and it’s been our model from day one.
Sourcing, refurbishing and certifying critical IT hardware to authorized OEM-Certified Pre-Owned standards is incredibly hard work — but the benefits are tremendous:
  • Circular Economy | Give new life to equipment destined for landfills while supporting your corporate social and sustainability initiatives
  • Savings | OEM-CPO is less expensive while being significantly more reliable than non-OEM used equipment
  • Security | Reduce the risks associated with used equipment that could be compromised
  • Blended Options | Blending new product with OEM-CPO is a great way to both save money and save the environment
  • Legacy Equipment | Full OEM warranty and support for hardware that’s no longer being manufactured new
  • Reputation | Companies are being held accountable for environmental initiatives — using OEM-CPO hardware should be part of your strategy

The PureWrx team is proud to have been recognized by various organizations for our sustainability programs — learn more here.


An average OEM-Certified Pre-Owned full-size switch or router from saves 20 pounds of e-waste and 1000 pounds CO2 from manufacturing, equivalent to:

1.1 Barrels of Oil

1,200 Miles Driven

0.6 Acres of Forest

In the last 3 years PureWrx has saved over 725 metric tons of CO2 from manufacturing, equivalent to:

1 Million Kilowatt Hours

1.8 Million Miles Driven

855 Acres of Forest

Maintain Your Established Network the Right Way

With OEM Security, Compliance and Warranty

Used / Gray Market

It's risky and costs more than you think.
  • No Right To Use (RTU) software license
  • Not eligible under OEM contracts
  • Missing ECOs (engineering change orders)
  • Security, compliance, reliability problems
  • Out-of-date software
  • Costly fines, legal action
  • Disputes with OEM on unauthorized purchases
  • Failures increase RFP workload


OEM certified. Discounted price. Guaranteed performance.
  • Authorized RTU licenses
  • OEM warranty and support
  • Up-to-date refurbishment provided by OEM
  • Avoids costs of maintenance and downtime
  • Bridges the gap to the next upgrade cycle
  • Averts fines and compliance penalties
  • Established networks get full warranty and support
  • Supports sustainability initiatives

The PureWrx Process

We manage everything from end-to-end.

The PureWRX Process

We manage everything
from end-to-end.

Filling the Gap in the Certified Pre-Owned Market


Network Operators

and End Users need:

To affordably maintain established networks

Full OEM warranty and support

A safe, legal and reliable source

Compliance with OEM contracts

100% OEM Certified Pre-Owned parts

Warranty and support options as new

Turnkey, outsourced platform for OEMs

Compliant with existing OEM agreements

Single trusted partner for End Users


Original Equipment

Manufacturers want:

To protect their brand reputation

To retain and grow existing customers

To drive new and incremental revenue

An outsourced solution