Certified Pre-Owned Solution for IT Hardware Manufacturers

Highly Profitable | Minimal Upfront Cost | Low Execution Risk

The secondary market represents a significant growth opportunity for IT Hardware Manufacturers. A robust and well-managed CPO program is the ideal solution.

However, many manufacturers do not know where to start. What is the market opportunity? What is the right Go-To-Market strategy? What about pricing, channel conflict, sales compensation and resources? These are just a few of the challenges manufacturers will encounter – enter the PureWRX Turnkey CPO Platform.

PureWRX Turnkey Platform

PureWRX offers a turnkey outsourced solution with minimal upfront investment and organizational distraction. We provide a manufacturer-backed certified pre-owned option to current customers and channel partners that offers less risk vs. unauthorized used.

Our CPO solution is highly profitable with minimal upfront cost and and low execution risk.

How a CPO Transaction Works

Go-to-Market Strategy

The PureWRX team has launched 40+ CPO programs generating more than $800 million in revenue for OEM / ODM partners. We will work directly with key stakeholders across your organization to implement best practices for pricing, sales, operational, financial and legal aspects of launching and growing a CPO program.

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Sales & Support

PureWRX “sits in the middle” of the ecosystem with the ability to sell through existing channel partners as an OEM sales team overlay and to end users. Our in-house sales and marketing team will assist with sales, material development and growing program awareness.

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PureWRX receives and evaluates inventory from several sources and uses our intelligent proprietary software to route qualified inventory directly into existing repair supply chain processes to test and refurbish all inventory for CPO program resale.

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Finished CPO product is warehoused in secure, climate controlled facilities with CPO branding and same-day shipping capabilities globally.

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FutureWRX™ is the core of day-to-day decision making. It is the PureWRX proprietary technology that routes the disposition of product through business rules, real-time intelligence, and current market demand.

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"Our unique selling model at Dell enabled us to tap into the massive secondary market easier than most companies with more complex sales models. For those companies, the PureWRX model is a no-brainer for CFO’s and business unit operators to adopt. It’s truly ‘found money’ with extremely high margins and little business modification requirements."

– Paul Bell

Former President of Enterprise Sales, Dell, Inc.

"The PureWRX Team demonstrated a new and material market opportunity for our company. Their knowledge of the secondary market was an eye-opener for all of us and they helped us serve a clearly underserved market. Kudos!"

– Andy Middlemiss

VP Sales, Extreme Networks

"Juniper Certified Pre-Owned lets our customers take advantage of proven Juniper technology for less than the cost of new equipment—our commitment to value sets us apart in the secondary market."

– Vince Molinaro

Chief Customer Officer

"Our core team has been building CPO programs for premium brands for nearly 20 years. By leveraging our platform, customers get the benefit of best practices developed from the 40+ customers and $800M in CPO revenue we've built together."

– David Schofman