Certified Pre-Owned Support Programs

Optional Programs for PureWRX Partners

One of the many benefits of running a CPO program is the ability to improve business efficiently. Over the last 20 years, we have developed a number of programs to remove inefficiencies and ensure the success of a CPO program.

Open Market

An active secondary market is a great reflection of a successful primary market. This is a good thing for a manufacturer if you know what to do with that information.

Part of the PureWRX platform includes a suite of tools to unlock and provide visibility into the secondary market. Using our proprietary tools, we demonstrate how to really understand and leverage secondary market data to develop a comprehensive CPO go-to-market strategy.

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As products migrate from current line to end-of-sale, it is important to have a plan in place that supports your existing install base and provides them with multiple options as the upgrade to the latest platform or product. Our CPO platform is a key element in this equation.

If used properly, CPO will add incremental revenue to your organization and create a smoother transition for end users.

Sales Asset Monetization

Loaner equipment (demo, POC’s, trials, interoperability testing, etc.) is a part of the sales process. Although this process often results in a successful sale, there are many cases where the equipment is stranded (either at the customer or manufacturer’s warehouse), written off, and eventually destroyed.

PureWRX technology provides a vehicle to monetize distressed sales assets. Through our Certified Pre-Owned programs are are able to help our partners recover maximum value on sales assets.

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Branded Trade-In Programs

Trade-in programs provide a process that enables manufacturers to accelerate the sale of new products through displacement of legacy equipment. They also help maintain a manufacturer’s reputation and provide a measure of control over obsolete goods and their final disposition. Several IT hardware manufacturers provide discounts through a trade-in program today, but few have the capacity to properly recover and monetize assets.

As a part of our CPO support programs, PureWRX provides a managed trade-in solution. This solution speeds market churn, drives new product sales, and recovers value for trade-in products. IT manufacturers can average a recovery value of 28% on trade-in assets and enjoy a 12% competitive advantage in overall customer satisfaction (Greve & Davis).

Marketing Strategy & Support

We provide additional value for our partners through marketing strategy and support of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs. Creating materials for internal communication, sales assets, and growing program awareness can be a drain on internal marketing resources. Our experienced marketing team will act as an extension of your in-house team or agency to help grow your CPO program. Whether your needs are CPO program awareness, eCommerce to sell directly to end users, or a destination for channel partners, our team will take a results-oriented approach to quickly respond to opportunities.


A comprehensive flagship eCommerce experience is strategic for some IT hardware manufacturers. Nearly 58% of B2B buyers made purchases online in 2013, while an additional 37% plan to allocate a larger part of their procurement budgets to e-Commerce in 2014 (The Acquity Group, 2013). Overall, online sales are growing globally by 17%. (ATKearney, 2013)

The sales cycle is becoming increasingly complex for B2B companies. e-Commerce presents unique challenges for manufacturers, especially in a two-tiered distribution model. We can create flagship eCommerce experiences for CPO programs that supplement existing marketing programs, influence buyers earlier in the decision-making process, and most importantly, strengthen channel relationships.

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"Our unique selling model at Dell enabled us to tap into the massive secondary market easier than most companies with more complex sales models. For those companies, the PureWRX model is a no-brainer for CFO’s and business unit operators to adopt. It’s truly ‘found money’ with extremely high margins and little business modification requirements."

– Paul Bell

Former President of Enterprise Sales, Dell, Inc.

"The PureWRX Team demonstrated a new and material market opportunity for our company. Their knowledge of the secondary market was an eye-opener for all of us and they helped us serve a clearly underserved market. Kudos!"

– Andy Middlemiss

VP Sales, Extreme Networks

"Juniper Certified Pre-Owned lets our customers take advantage of proven Juniper technology for less than the cost of new equipment—our commitment to value sets us apart in the secondary market."

– Vince Molinaro

Chief Customer Officer

"Our core team has been building CPO programs for premium brands for nearly 20 years. By leveraging our platform, customers get the benefit of best practices developed from the 40+ customers and $800M in CPO revenue we've built together."

– David Schofman