About PureWRX

Like most industry disrupting solutions, the idea for PureWrx was born from a big problem. The secondary IT hardware market is over $300B in size, yet there is no platform to bring OEMs and End Users together with a solution that benefited both parties with the best way to manage the entire lifecycle of their network…enter PureWrx.

The founders of PureWrx have solved this problem before and are visionaries in product lifecycle management. Together with an amazing team of talented and passionate individuals, they have built the #1 Platform for Pre-Owned IT Hardware that is 100% warrantied, supported and certified by the OEM.

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2012, PureWrx is a venture-backed start-up that built the #1 OEM-Certified Pre-Owned Platform for the world’s most advanced networks.

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PureWRX Methodology

Goals & Objectives

Business is about driving the bottom line. Technology and innovation go a long way, but in a competitive market, businesses need more help to drive revenue and improve operating income. PureWRX has found that most companies aren’t using tools that could help them improve their performance. Often, inventory for demo and warranty is left stranded, and excess manufacturing components are not monetized. At the same time, opportunities to build customer loyalty through trade programs and mixed configuration sales are not realized. The PureWRX goal is to help companies utilize assets for their highest and best use in a market that exists outside the main focus of most OEMs. In most cases, this involves investments companies have already made in their brand and in inventory. By unlocking the value of those assets to meet customer needs, PureWRX can help companies dramatically improve their financial performance and their market share.

Customer Needs

The Certified Pre-Owned concept addresses this complex market directly with both trade-in programs and with certified pre-owned product. It gives potential gray market customers a way to strengthen their OEM relationship, and the OEM now has new tools to manage their customer purchase incentives. By offering OEM-branded CPO inventory with some form of warranty protection, companies can often draw volume away from “brokered” inventory in the secondary market and achieve a price premium at the same time. When OEM programs and inventory are used efficiently, CPO is a profitable way to both address lingering gray market demand AND gain a greater “share of wallet” from current customers.

Achieving these benefits isn’t simple, however, and there can be a lot of moving parts. An effective CPO plan requires interaction with customers, suppliers, and other market players alike. Most companies can’t initially provide those types of resources to start their CPO program, which is why an experienced partner like PureWRX is so valuable. We work with companies to get them up and running as fast as possible, so they can achieve the benefits from CPO as quickly as they can.

CPO Opportunity

The Certified Pre-Owned concept addresses this complex market directly with both trade-in programs and with certified pre-owned product. It gives potential gray market customers a way to strengthen their OEM relationship, and the OEM now has new tools to manage their customer purchase incentives. By offering OEM-branded CPO inventory with some form of warranty protection, companies can often draw volume away from “brokered” inventory in the secondary market and achieve a price premium at the same time. When OEM programs and inventory are used efficiently, CPO is a profitable way to both address lingering gray market demand AND gain a greater “share of wallet” from current customers.

Our Approach

CPO is all we do, and we are obsessed with delivering the best experience for our partners, their channel customers, and end users.  We work with our partners to understand their market opportunity and strategy.  We then design a CPO evolution pathway that outlines step-by-step our goals and requirements for success. In the end we deliver a CPO program plan that provides a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, financial plan and operational plan.

Ultimately, our singular focus is the success of your Certified Pre-Owned program. We use our extensive experience building and managing CPO programs to quickly generate revenue using best practices developed through years of successful implementation.


David Schofman

David Schofman

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

With the co-founding of PureWRX, David continues his 20+ year career following his passion for building and leading teams that create great value for both customers and shareholders. As a daily contributor at PureWRX, David is responsible for business development, partner relations and the overall strategic performance of his management team, most of whom have worked together for more than two decades.

David is an entrepreneur who has co-founded, invested and served as a board member for several technology companies. The PureWRX business model is a result of many of those experiences, which over the last 20 years have resulted in multiple companies being created and sold, generating tens of millions of dollars for customers and investors.

David’s career started in 1994 when he built the first online golf retail business (International Golf Outlet) from his apartment to a multi-million dollar ecommerce company that was sold to CBS Sportsline in 1998. He then co-founded FrogTrader in 1999 which was acquired by Callaway Golf (NYSE:ELY) and became the ecommerce and interactive media division for the company. David continued to serve as CEO and Executive Vice President of Global Ecommerce for Callaway Golf from 2004-2007.

He then became a partner in 3Leaf Investments, a private equity and management services company with a wide range of technology company investments. Most recently David served as CEO of Coro Health, a new media technology company. He also currently serves as a Director and Board Member for Conns, Inc. (NASDAQ: CONN) as well as a Director and Board Member for CPO Commerce, Inc.

Mr. Schofman is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Jon Belcher


Jon has over twenty years of sales, operations and business development experience in the IT hardware industry. He has held multiple executive roles in both the U.S. and international markets. Most recently, he served as Vice President, Americas Commercial and Partner Sales for Juniper Networks. As President of PureWRX, Jon has full P&L responsibility of the business, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Brian is primarily responsible for overseeing operations, finance, legal and technology. Prior to Pure, Brian was a founding partner in 3Leaf Investments, a boutique private equity and management services company. Sample portfolio companies include CPO Commerce, Shopatron, Sweet Leaf Tea, Deep Eddy Vodka and ESO Solutions.

From 2001 – 2006, Brian served as Founder, President and CFO of Callaway Golf Interactive (CGI). Acquired by Callaway Golf in 2005, CGI is the strategic vehicle for all of Callaway’s consumer initiatives, including all domestic and international websites, direct marketing, direct sales and database management.

From 1998-2001, Brian worked at Deutsche Bank as an investment banking associate. Primary activities included assisting in the sale of over $100m in oil and gas properties in the North Sea as well as a broad range of corporate finance activities.

Brian earned his MBA from Rice University and his bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas.

Jay Bock

Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder

Jay is focused on growth through sales, marketing, partnerships and go-to-market strategy for Pure. Prior to founding Pure, Jay served as SVP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing from 2010-2012 for a division of Genesis Networks Enterprises, a privately held $700 million IT System Integrator.

Previously, from 2004-2010, Jay was SVP/Co-Founder of a hardware and engineering services firm in the network infrastructure space with a strategic investment from Goodman Networks. Sales and operations spanned globally across Public Sector, Large Enterprise and Telco with 2400% revenue growth over six years and acquired by Genesis Networks in 2010.

Jay also held various leadership positions in sales and product management for two other companies in the network infrastructure services space including Somera Communications, a public company.

Jay earned his Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Shawn Dinwiddie

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

Shawn is responsible for all aspects of the PureWRX eCommerce engine, including the technology, development, creative, content and product information that provide the foundation for all PureWRX websites. He also leads the acquisition, conversion and engagement activities.

Prior to his role as a founding member at PureWRX, Shawn held leadership positions with several eCommerce focused start-ups, primarily in the sales and marketing areas. Most recently, Shawn was founding member of a manufacturing startup that brought to market SCOR4161 golf equipment, three-year winner of silver medal in Golf Digest’s annual Hot List. Prior to SCOR, Shawn served as VP, Sales and Marketing with CPO Commerce, an $80 million + B2C and B2B eCommerce company that markets home improvement products for branded manufacturers online. Prior to CPO Commerce, Shawn was a founding management team member with Callaway Golf Interactive, a $40 million + direct to consumer eCommerce subsidiary of Callaway Golf. Along the way, Shawn has maintained a passion for both building analytically optimized marketing programs to drive revenue and profitability for all stakeholders, as well as the high performance teams that make them possible.

Shawn holds a BS in Marketing and Computer Science from Stephen F Austin State University, where he also developed a fierce competitive mindset as a five-year NCAA Div-1A golf scholarship recipient and brief, and semi-successful professional golf career.

Stephen Balkum

Chief Technology Officer

Stephen manages and architects all of the technology desires of PureWRX, from the software platforms to the hardware lab. He has been leading best-of-breed teams for decades and knows the difference between a technology company and a business that needs enabling technology. By using modern software development methodologies in cooperation with the business, Stephen leads teams that stay in constant communication with the business, and thus, repeatedly deliver to its needs.

An entrepreneur at heart, Stephen has focused on growth businesses in a broad spectrum of technology. Most recently, Stephen managed the software engineering department at BuildASign.com. In two short years, per developer productivity of his 13 member team increased 40%. Stephen was also VP of Technology for Coro Health offering targeted streaming media for residents in elder care communities. From 2001-2008, Stephen was Vice President of Technology with Callaway Golf Interactive. Stephen grew its technology department from the launch of Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, through the company’s purchase by Callaway Golf, and managed the technology for all of the company’s direct to consumer offerings.

Prior to Callaway Golf Interactive, as 212 Studios’ Director of Engineering, Stephen Balkum led the development of 212’s patent-pending Storekeeper System. Storekeeper’s use of Balkum algorithms employing AI technology constituted a revolution in database management and reporting systems. Previously, Stephen led the development team of the award-winning Jack Nicklaus 5 containing the most realistic 3-dimensional characters and scenery ever developed for a golf simulator.

Stephen earned a BS in Astronomy from the University of Texas. As a member of the department he focused on infrared spectroscopy research. With data from McDonald Observatory and the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, he developed algorithms to reduce 10’s of thousands of images of the same stellar object to a single, super-high resolution image. These methods were published in multiple scientific journals.

Matt Hungate

VP Operations

Matt has nearly 20 years of experience in the IT hardware industry, with tenure at Lenovo, Nortel, and IBM. After getting his start in Engineering, he has held a series of leadership positions in Sales & Operations Planning, Marketing, Inventory Management, Customer Fulfillment, and Logistics. He has extensive Global Operations experience after having served multiple-year assignments in South America, China, and Asia Pacific. Matt received his BS in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Investors & Advisors

Alan Taetle

Alan Taetle joined NMP in 1998 and has focused his investment activities on software and information technology companies. He currently represents NMP on the boards of Clearleap, PureWRX and Salesfusion. Alan was previously a director or observer for several prior NMP investments, including Virtustream (sold to EMC), Vocalocity (sold to Vonage Holdings Corp.), Acumen Brands (sold to General Atlantic), SecureWorks (sold to Dell) and Adjoined Consulting (sold to Cap Gemini). Alan currently serves on the board of Venture Atlanta and he is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Georgia Tech College of Computing. Alan received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Kip McClanahan

For the past 20 years Kip McClanahan has worked in IT security, networking, media communications and software industries. He served as both CEO and board member to both public and private companies. He has founded or held leadership roles in companies including BroadJump (acquired by Motive), TippingPoint (IPO, acquired by 3Com) and NetSpeed (acquired by Cisco). As an operator, he has raised over $100M in capital and his companies have returned nearly $800M in realized gains. Kip graduated from the University of Texas with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

Michael Vickery

From 2009-2013 Michael was VP of Strategic Alliances at Juniper Networks where he was responsible for their global system integrator business. An experienced technology industry veteran, he spent 13 years with IBM in a variety of sales and marketing positions and served as CEO and other executive roles at several start-ups that successfully raised $400M in funding. Michael received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Bill Wood

Prior to founding Silverton Partners, Bill Wood began his venture career in 1984 as a founding partner of Austin Ventures, which has since become one of the largest venture capital firms in the country. Bill is a past recipient of both the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur-of-the-Year Award and the Austin Technology Pillar Award, recognizing his lifetime contribution to the development of the Austin technology community. He was also the inaugural inductee into the Austin Technology Hall of Fame. Bill received his BA from Brown University Phi Beta Kappa and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

John Gaillard

From 2001-2013 John held several senior roles at ScanSource Catalyst including VP of Business Development, President of Security and VP of Sales. John has extensive knowledge in relaying the value of distribution to companies who have not utilized a two tier distribution model as a core component of their channel strategy.

Paul Bell

Member of Dell senior executive team, reporting to CEO, from 1998 to 2012. Leveraged strategy consulting experience in developing business unit strategies that helped Dell grow from $7 billion to over $60 billion in revenues. Wide international experience, having led multi-continent regions for 9 years and global business units for 5 years. Lived in UK, France and North Africa for 17 years. Specialties include developing high growth, high performance organizations; transformation of go-to-market models; and implementation of business management systems to drive performance improvement. Currently Operating Partner at Lead Edge Capital, New York.


"Our unique selling model at Dell enabled us to tap into the massive secondary market easier than most companies with more complex sales models. For those companies, the PureWRX model is a no-brainer for CFO’s and business unit operators to adopt. It’s truly ‘found money’ with extremely high margins and little business modification requirements."

– Paul Bell

Former President of Enterprise Sales, Dell, Inc.

"The PureWRX Team demonstrated a new and material market opportunity for our company. Their knowledge of the secondary market was an eye-opener for all of us and they helped us serve a clearly underserved market. Kudos!"

– Andy Middlemiss

VP Sales, Extreme Networks

"Juniper Certified Pre-Owned lets our customers take advantage of proven Juniper technology for less than the cost of new equipment—our commitment to value sets us apart in the secondary market."

– Vince Molinaro

Chief Customer Officer

"Our core team has been building CPO programs for premium brands for nearly 20 years. By leveraging our platform, customers get the benefit of best practices developed from the 40+ customers and $800M in CPO revenue we've built together."

– David Schofman